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Oct 11, 2012 7:00pm PDT
years ago in the wake of hurricane katrina. the storm slammed the gulf of mexico killing nearly 2,000 people. new orleans took a direct hit. residents lost their homes. one school o. perry walker high lost its instruments. a nonprofit association of jazz fans in japan immediately sent funds and in doing so help revive the spirit of a city with a rich jazz history. fast forward six years to march 2011. this time musicians in japan's northeast are struck by disaster. the tsunam pummelled the port and taking away the instruments of the city jazz band. they swing dolphins couldn't swing anymore. a month after the disaster the dolphins were back on stage and playing new instruments most of them donated thanks to the efforts of jazz musicians in new orleans. the o. perry walker high school band never forgot the help they received after katrina. they organized congress serts to raise money for their japanese friends. >> i was in the same predicament five, six years ago and it gives us the opportunity to help them like they helped us. >> many of us lost our instruments. we were able to pl
Oct 16, 2012 5:00pm PDT
, not just in the peninsula but also along the western coast of mainland mexico. coastal flooding will also be an issue here. all right. that big winter storm system that's been moving across the northwest is now moving to the east and intensifying, so we are going to find the snow towards the north and then it is going to turn into thunderstorms, some of them becoming quite severe in the midwest. behind that it is going to be dry and low humidity and very strong winds and that spells fire weather and there are warnings and watches posted to that effect. los angeles 35 degrees. no snow here. it stays hot in the south. even oklahoma city at 24 degrees is starting to cool down. i will leave you now with the extended forecast. >>> that concludes this edition of "newsline." thanks for joining us.
Oct 2, 2012 7:30am EDT
mexico. western, central parts of the u.s. that comes with the -- the warning in fact, though, for fire weather, across, the northern and central plains. towards the north -- it is going to be a snow event. we have -- system dropping out of bc. this one could bring about 15 centimeters of snow to the canadian rockies. that snow well move into the intermountain west as well, coming into there, montana. and as the system proceed. we will see cooler air coming with it. we will see precipitation turn over to snow. in parts of minnesota, as well as dakotas later on in the week. out towards the east, it is going to be rain and severe thunderstorms. the severe area moving in towards the ohio valley today. but plenty of rain expecting from florida right up in towards new england. would actually have a report of a tornado touching down. in south carolina as well. temperatures are going to start to fall to the north. 24 degrees. in winnipeg. will fall to 8 degrees by thursday. meanwhile, it is a heat wave in the southwest. 36 degrees in los angeles. and that heat will be with you into wednesday.
Oct 4, 2012 7:30am EDT
much of mexico as well as the the u.s., western canada. but there are thunderstorms in the cards for you today. along the atlantic coast. from florida up into new england. the heaviest of the rain, stronger wind will be found actually up towards the northeast. then we have a winter storm system which is push pushing its way along the u.s./canada border at the moment. there are watches, warnings, posted, winter storm from montana right through towards the great lakes. you could see in the parts of minnesota, as well as southea southeastern manitoba. 30 centimeters of snow. strong winds. near white-out conditions. warnings post ford that as well. temperatures are going to be falling across the north. in fact pushing in towards the east over the weekend. already, we are seeing five, three, in winnipeg, fargo. 23 degrees in chicago. not bad today. knock 10 degrees off that as we head into saturday. same goes with your 25 in new york city. by saturday going to be down to 15. so, time to got out the winter woolies it would appear. not so for you in the south. 32,houston. 2 in atlanta.
Oct 12, 2012 7:30am EDT
, cooler air comes in. that air is colliding with warmer air from the gulf of mexico. creating a potential for severe weather in the ozarks into tonight. well, with severe weather should be moving towards the west. areas like the central plains and the southern plains, will be, at risk of severe weather on your friday. severe thunderstorms, gusty winds. and hail are possible. now out west, things are looking more wintry. we have regot heavy rain possib. heavy snow is likely in the four corners region in colorado. in the next 24 hours. out west, showers along the western coast. and then mountain snow for the canadian rockies on your friday. temperatures are cooling down to 12 degrees in vancouver. slightly warming up to 10 degrees in winnipeg. 12 in chicago. but we'll be warming up to 22 degrees as we head into your saturday. all right. finally, let's go over to europe then. things are calming down across ice lan. however, looking quite stormy across the uk and western continent. wet, windy weather. moving towards germany and over the next 24 hours. thunderstorms in italy should be moving t
Oct 16, 2012 7:30am EDT
, as well as that western edge of mainland mexico. those are the treermopical stor. we have an intent winter storm up toward the pacific northwest. this is bringing significant snow to the canadian rockies, the northern rockies, and the intermountain west. it's going to be progressing along towards the east, actually intensifying as it goes. so this storm will be causing some trouble down towards the south and the midwest over the next couple of days. out east, things are starting to settle down for many of you. northern parts of new england still wet and windy today. still a good dose of snow to come for eastern canada. temperatures across the north are looking cool. we have the mid teens across places like vancouver, seattle, winni peg, 12 in toronto, 16 in new york city. some places are hot, 29 in houston. we've got 30 in oklahoma city with 31 in miami. 32 in los angeles, expected to warm up to 35 by thursday. here's your extended forecast. >>> one more story before we go. living through the invention of radio, television, and the airplane, a 115-year-old in northwestern japan renewed his
Oct 17, 2012 7:30am EDT
, mexico. all right. we have one more tropical system to talk about. a category 1 system which has just by passed bermuda heading up towards the north, northeast. it's expected to become a remnant low fairly quickly. once we get in towards friday we're going to have to take another look and see whether the system continues up to the northeast or whether it will continue down towards the south. things are looking very wet across the east. we have severe weather which is going be taking in with the lower and central mississippi valley. going to mean fire weather particularly for the central plains but it is very windy all the way up towards the northeast where we run into our winter weather event. temperatures though on the other hand, are going to be a boiling point in los angeles. very hot and not just for october. 32 degrees in houston texas, but we're just looking at the mid teens up towards the north. here now is your extended forecast. ♪ >>> art thieves have staged a multimillion-dollar heist on a dutch museum. police say they stole works by picasso, monet and other renowned artis
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)